Vegetables Nursery Rhymes

Teaching Vegetables to Preschoolers
Nursery Rhymes

Tomatoes and Carrots
Cabbage and Beans
Look so yummy
All red and green.

So little children
Eat them everyday
To make you grow
Strong and smart.


Wow, Vegetables!

Tomatoes make your cheek red.
Carrots make you jump ahead.
Spinach makes you very strong.
Peas make you dance along!
Eat your vegetables everyday.
You will be happy and gay.


Number Food Nursery Rhyme

One, two, three, four
______ at the kitchen door.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Eating _______ off her plate.

Have children take turns naming vegetables or other food items to fill in the rhyme.


Tomatoes Are Red

Tomatoes are red, beans are green,
A brinjal has a crown, just like a queen.
Potatoes are brown, onions are pink,
Carrots have juice which I can drink.
Vegetables make me healthy and wise,
I'll eat some daily with milk and rice.

Hot Potato!

Hot potato pass it on
Hot potato pass it on
Hot potato pass it on
Get rid of the hot potato

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