5. Jackass in a Can Lyrics GALAVANT

Song from "Galavant" soundtrack (2015)
Galavant - Jackass in a Can Lyrics

"Jackass in a Can" is a song from Galavant performed by Joshua Sasse and the Cast of Galavant.

Your average knight in armour,
He's utterly the pits.
His ego's so humongous
That his 'elmet barely fits.
He wears two tons of padding
And thinks 'e's quite the man.
He's nothing but a jackass
In a fancy metal can!

A jackass in a can!
There's nothing worser than
Some high and mighty jackass in a can!

My master hasn't had a sip of his grog without my spit in it in years.
I've got him cravin' it now.
I gave it to him once without it and he said it didn't taste right.
So, what about your knight? As bad as ours?
Uh...uh... Yeah, sure.

There's all that fame and glory...
The smell, though, not so great.
And then those big long lances...
Yeah, to overcompensate!
The glamour and swagger...
Yeah, I'm really not a fan.
He's quite a
Major dillweed?
In a fancy metal can!

A dillweed in a can!
There's nothing lamer than...
A condescending dillweed in a can!

And who does all the planning?
Who does all the work?
Who gets no vacation?
Not one pay raise, not one perk?
Good point.
Whose third-rate insurance
Goes without a dental plan?
Your average humble squire.
Not the meathead in a can!

That jerkface in a can!
There's nothing sadder than...
Some over-muscled, chauvinistic,
Self-indulgent, egotistic,
Stingy, prissy
Jackass in a can!

Oh my God. That's me.

Galavant Jackass in a Can Lyrics

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Jackass in a Can Lyrics Galavant Lyrics



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