Colors Songs Lyrics in English

Children's Collection of Classic Songs with Lyrics
Colors Songs Lyrics in English

Red Song

Red is a stop sign,
Red is a rose,
Red is an apple,
And a funny clown’s nose.

Blue Song

Blue is the ocean,
Blue is the sky,
Blue are the blueberries,
I put into the pie.

Yellow Song

Yellow is a star.
Yellow is the sun.
Yellow is the moon,
When the day is done.

Purple Song

Purple are grapes,
Purple are plums,
Purple is a violet,
And the bruise on my thumb.

Green Song

Green is grass,
String beans and peas.
Green are the branches
on Christmas trees.

Orange Song

Orange is an orange.
Orange is a carrot.
Orange is the colour
of the beak of a parrot.

Brown Song

Brown is mud,
Brown is toast,
Brown is chocolate,
And a Sunday roast.

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