Bully Bubba Lyrics

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Bully Bubba Lyrics

Everybody's bitter about bully Bubba
Cause Bubba is the biggest bully in the whole school
Bully Bubba belts out big bully banter
But bully Bubba doesn't know that bullies aren't cool

Now Bubba makes fun of kids that are smaller
That's how he feels better 'bout himself
People that are mean have lower self esteem
They think they can take it from everybody else
My friend Johnny met a boy like Bubba
It got so bad he didn't want to go to school
But he talked to his teachers and he talked to his parents
And then he learned why bullies do the things they do


So what should you do when you meet someone like Bubba?
Should you run, or hide, and what should you say?
Try to act brave and try to ignor 'em
Cause when you ignor bullies their power goes away
You need to tell someone cause telling isn't tattling
Telling's what we do to protect you and me
And never join in and watch a bully bully
an audience is really all a bully ever needs


Now here's a little story 'bout the smallest little girl
With the largest little heart that you never did see
Now Bubba one day made a mistake and tried to bully her
And what happened next you really won't believe
Then she stared him the eyes and never even cried
Then all of Bubba's friends began to laugh at him
Bubba put his head down and walked passed everyone
And never bothered anybody ever again


[Thanks to Schoolgirl for lyrics]

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Bully Bubba Lyrics, Bully Bubba Song



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