Ants in the Apple AAA Song Lyrics

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Ants in the Apple AAA Song lyrics

Ants in the apple a a a
Ben’s big boot b b b
Crocodile crunching c c c
Dolphins diving d d d
Empty eggshells e e e 
Fat frog fishing f f f
Green ghosts giggling g g g
Hens with hats on h h h 
Itchy insect i i i 
Jellybean jumping j j j 
Kangaroos kissing k k k 
Long ladder leaning l l l 
Many mice munching m m m 
Not a nice nose n n n
Orange octopus o o o 
Possums peeping p p p 
Quick queens quarrelling qu qu qu
Rabbit reading r r r 
Soft snakes sliding s s s
Teapot tipping t t t 
Umbrella up u u u 
Vampire vacuuming v v v
Worms out walking w w w 
Fox in a box x x x
Yabbie yawning y y y 
Zippy zebra z z z

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Ants in the Apple aaa song lyrics



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