A for Apple B for Ball Song Lyrics

English Alphabet Song for Children
A for Apple B for Ball Song Lyrics

A is for apple a a apple,
B is for ball b b ball,
C is for cat c c cat,
D is for dog d d dog,
E is for elephant e e elephant,
F is for fish f f fish,
G is for gorilla g g gorilla,
H is for hat h h hat,
I is for igloo i i igloo,
J is for juice j j juice,
K is for kangaroo k k Kangaroo,
L is for lion l l lion,
M is for monkey m m monkey,
N is for no n n no,
O is for octopus o o octopus,
P is for pig p p pig.
Q is for question q q question,
R is for ring r r ring,
S is for sun s s sun,
T is for train t t train.
U is for umbrella u u umbrella,
V is for van v v van,
W is for watch w w watch,
X is for box x x box.
Y is for yellow y y yellow
Z is for zoo z z zoo.
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A is for Apple B is for Ball lyrics childrens song

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A for apple B for Ball Song Lyrics for children



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